Here at ADR, Pashtana offers two types of mediations:

Online Mediation

Online mediations consist of video, email, and telephone correspondences managed by the mediator. This option is great for those who want the services of a first-class mediator, but are limited with regard to time, cost, and travel. Parties never have to meet in person with the mediator or with other parties. Instead, they can work toward resolving their dispute with the mediator from the comfort of their own homes and on their own time.

Face-to-Face Mediation

Face-to-face mediations are the traditional method of practicing mediation. All parties are convened and meet with the mediator in person. Parties have the opportunity to speak to one another directly with the mediator present, and are also able to have private caucusing sessions with the mediator.

Preparation & Post-Mediation Follow Up

To promote successful resolutions, Pashtana dedicates three hours of preparation time to each case. Preparation includes pre-mediation phone calls, and reviewing briefs and materials provided to her. She sets up pre-mediation phone calls with each party privately before the mediation. These phone calls help her familiarize herself with the specific matters of the case so that she can tailor the mediation to be the most productive. In addition, Pashtana encourages parties to provide her with mediation briefs outlining the issues being disputed, facts of the case, and any other information or materials that can help Pashtana better understand the case. Mediation briefs should be sent to her at least three days in advance to

ADR prides itself on staying committed to mediations even after the session has ended. If a case does not settle in a single day of mediation, Pashtana will work with you until the case is resolved. She will follow up consistently to finalize an agreement via email and telephone at no additional charge.

Fees & Cancellation Policy

Pashtana uses a sliding scale in order to ensure her mediation services are affordable. The total cost will depend on the parties’ financial means and the overall nature of the dispute. Fees will be split between the parties unless it has been agreed upon otherwise, and are due by the date indicated on the invoice from ADR. Please fill out this form and Pashtana will contact you to discuss an estimate based on your specific situation. All unused time reserved for the mediation session is non-refundable.

Cancellations must be made at least seven days prior to the scheduled mediation date in order to ensure a refund.