Abedi Dispute Resolution (ADR) is committed to providing clients and counsel with the highest level of quality, focus, and integrity. Patience and perseverance are ADR’s cornerstones, and Pashtana is committed to implementing them in each mediation. ADR’s adaptability provides clients with comfort, flexibility, and understanding, all of which are conducive to guaranteeing authenticity and successful resolutions.

As a mediator, Pashtana promotes candor, goodwill, and mutual respect in her mediations. Her objective is to identify parties’ needs and interests, and ensure that they are met in a reasonable and principled manner. Pashtana’s mission is to find common ground that parties can stand on together. She encourages her clients to collaborate and remain in control of their outcomes by creating a framework of diligence and efficiency. Pashtana helps parties generate creative solutions, focus on the future, and identify risk factors, costs, and potential rewards in order to reach tailored results.

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